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Our hearing conservation program is designed to provide Quality, Cost Effective, and Convenient testing for Employers who fall under the OSHA Regulatory Standard 29 CFR 1910.95. We can accomodate any scheduling needs.


Our Respiratory Protection Program provides employers with a comprehensive plan to comply with all regulations and ensure safety with respirator use. This program is designed to provide respiratoy protection for at risk employees in accordance with OSHA Regulatory Standard 1910.134.


We administer Health and Wellness management programs that increase the employees overall awareness when it comes to living healthy. As a result companies have more productive workers, and lower health care costs.



We will manage your company's substance abuse program including designing a program that best fits your company's needs. Our services include mobile testing, national program administration, setting up and maintaining collection sites, testing, reporting and record keeping.



The fundamental purpose of surveillance is to detect and eliminate the underlying causes such as hazards or exposure of any discovered trends and thus has a prevention focus. The Doctors Center Mobile Services is happy to provide customized surveillance programs tailored to your company’s needs


Founded in 1999, The Doctors Center Mobile Services is a provider of mobile occupational health testing programs dedicated to preserving safe work environments and improving existing safety programs for our clients and their employees. Our highly trained staff will come to your facility in one of our modern mobile units to train and test your employees, ensuring a convenient and comfortable way for your company to maintain a healthy and positive work environment without interrupting productivity. At the same time, our highly experienced physicians and administrators will make sure that all our services keep your company in proper compliance with the latest OSHA mandates and regulations. We provide a wide range of OSHA compliance testing and training programs at competitive prices. Contact Us—our dedicated staff is waiting to answer questions or provide additional information.



“All testing and exams are done professionally and the administrative requirements are handled in a timely manner. I highly recommend The Doctors Center Health Services for any company.”

-Jeff, Human Resource and Safety Director

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